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Guarantees high product quality, simple and with fast implementation, suited to industry standards, every part from top to bottom is created with the aim of absolute ruggedness inside and out.


Our slimmest and lightest rugged device yet.

Carefully tuned for the retail industry, the PM30 is packed with performance features - all in a sleek and ergonomic housing and so light, you will hardly feel it when you carry it around.


An enterprise device built with and for efficiency

The PM75 provides a powerful scan engine, comfortable grip, long-lasting battery, and seven-long years of update support—all of which are essential components for a great and versatile rugged mobile computer.


Stay on track with the all-purpose mobile computer

The powerful Android platform of the PM85 with its brand new scanner brings enhanced performance and ensures that it is ready for any rugged task. Fully equipped for reliability, it has optional accessories such as a battery cradle so that you are always prepared.



Bring superior 4G connectivity to your workplace

The superior connectivity and outstanding durability of the PM451 makes tasks wherever you are easier. Revolutionize the way you capture data with the Android operating system, and configure it the way you like with different keypad options and the ergonomic gun grip.

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