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One of the first companies to pioneer thermal transfer ribbon technology which offers a wide range of products for all requirements.

Premium Wax

Ink suitable for standard labelling applications.

Higher quality and printing performance and therefore matches all criteria expected than by a traditional wax application.

Premium Wax & Resin

Durable enough for use outdoors.

A high-end wax/resin ribbon providing a printing quality and mechanical resistances exceeding the market standards. It ensures an excellent quality of transfer at low energy on all smooth materials, coated papers as well as synthetics.

Standard Wax

Compatible with blank and pre-printed labels.

The very high sensitivity of the ink allows printing with low levels of energy with less stress on the printhead.

Standard Wax & Resin

Good print quality on any label material.

Very versatile, it has been conceived to print all kinds of self-adhesive labels at the lowest heat settings. It also provides a higher level of mechanical resistance compared to the wax ribbons.

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