LP-3150TN Direct Thermal Label Printer

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Weight: 2.68kg
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3" Label Printer

  • 3 inch print width
  • 6 inch / sec ultra high print speed
  • Support 2D barcode printing
  • Thermal continuous and sticker paper supported
  • Label paper auto positoned
  • Module design for different application
  • Support print media in 16mm to 82mm range, easy operation design
  • Paper auto checkout and temperature auto controlled function
  • Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean character supported
  • Label paper peel-off and tear-off modes optional
  • Compatible with various label software
  • BMP,PCX,BAS files download and storage supported 


LP-3150TN Model
Print Method Direct Thermal Line
Print Width 3 inch
Resolution 203 dpi
Print Speed 3~6 inch/s
Interface NOTE: Interface will be all RS-232 + USB + LAN
Media Diameter: 25~85mm; Width:16~82mm
Print Head TEmperature Sensor: Thermal Sensitive Resistance; Position Sensor: Microswitch
Paper Presence Photoelectricity Sensor
Enlargement 1 to 10 times enlargement in both directions. 0*, 90*, 270*, 360*rotation
Character Size FONT 0 TO FONT 8 Simplified / Traditional Chinese / Korean
Fonts GB2312
Data 2M bytes
NV Flash 2M bytes
Cashdrawer Out DC 24V/1A
Power Supply DC 24V/2A
Power Adaptor Input: AC 110V/220V, 50~60Hz Output: DC 24V/2A
Weight 1.65kg
Dimension 230 x 156 x 147mm (L x W x H)
Work Environment Temperature: 0 ~ 45 C, Humidity: 10 ~ 80%
Storage Environment Temperature: 0 ~ 60 C, Humidity: 10 ~ 90%
Mechanism 150km

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